School Overview

A Community Vocational Education and Training Institute (CTVET) company. – KISORO INTERNATIONAL VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE (KIVI)

KIVI is a Community Vocational Education and Training Institute (CTVET) company. It was established on 9th September 2011 aiming at helping the community with in Kisoro district and neighborhood especially girls and those who could not manage to join University and other higher institutions of learning like vulnerable children, orphans and marginalized group of people (pygmies).

KIVI is licensed and registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports with license number ME/VOC/216 and registration number MOES/BTVET/216 and is registered with Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions (UGAPRIVI).

MOTTO: Excellency in the Heart of Africa.

MISSION: Providing Practical Knowledge for Self Sustainability.


  • To provide affordable education to needy children.
  • To offer youth and adults a curriculum that comprises literacy, technical and vocational courses at certificate and diploma levels.
  • To encourage the learners to develop their special talents in co-curricular activities.
  • To provide a learning environment that nurtures industry, ethics and integrity. 

School Pilot Overview

This cluster of schools will be in our first group of implementations using the Digital Learning Hub approach.

In the first implementation phase, we are planning two types of pilot projects: one designed for larger schools that can support their own computer lab(s). The second, more suitable for rural locations, will include a fixed building that will be shared by and meet the needs of multiple village schools. Time in this building will be scheduled and split between schools that share it, and the lab’s resources can be opened for community use when the schools are not using it.

This approach involves building a separate building that is in an equally convenient location for all schools sharing it.  It will contain a computer lab, an equipment room, a storage closet and a small office area that can be used for student counseling.

For more information on this type of pilot, see:  Digital Learning Hub – Details

A View from Around the School