School Overview – Tanzania Youth Espouse for Gender and Development (TYEGD)

Bunda Primary School

Bunda primary school is among of the government primary school located in Bunda TC ward in Bunda district, Mara region. The school takes 2 km from the headquarters in Bunda town.

Vision: Promote the level of professionalism and produce the best students in the community.

Mission: To build academic, physical, mental and moral capacity in society.

Bunda primary school was established on 07/01/2003 with registration number EM. 11958. Currently the school has a total of 1,260 students of which 643 are girls and 617 boys.

Migungani Secondary School Bunda District

Migungani Secondary school is a government school in Tanzania. The school has Ordinary level students only. The school is located in Bunda Stoo ward, Bunda TC district in Mara region. It is mixed ( Contain both boys and girls) school.

Mission: Together, we make difference

Vision: Becoming a center of excellence learning and producing confident Tanzania who strive to be the best.

Bunda primary school has a total of 24 teachers (F6/M18). This situation causes teaching to be challenging due to the shortage of teachers and even the environments does not attract or encourage teachers or students to perform.

Bunda primary school is located in areas where there are many young people who did not have the ability to develop themselves academically, so the presence of digital learning hub will help increase their ability and skills in learning the use of computers, which are important in today’s world.

With the support from the The eNeighborhood Project, TYEGD will use her experienced Educational Program Coordinators to provide technical assistance with great attention to ensure that students and the community benefit as well.

Brief History of Migungani Secondary School

Migungani Secondary school was established on 18th January,2021 with registration number S.5474. The school started with 160 students of which girls were 80 and boys were 80. Currently the number of students have increased to 492 out of which girls are 258, and boys are 234 and it takes 3 km from the headquarters in Bunda town.

Migungani secondary school has a total of 12 teachers (F4/M8). This indicates the shortage of teachers in Mugungani Secondary school as for 492 students, that means one teacher has to teach 41 students instead of 30 to 35 so the ability of students to concentrate in their studies it’s a challenge. Another challenge in this school is that there is a shortage of books to accommodate students during remedial classes hence to prepare them for national exams. Therefore, the requested support will facilitate students to have enough time to read using the learning digital hub and prepare them to be the best candidates

With the support from the The Eneighborhood Project through the Digital Learning Hub, TYEGD intends to stand as the technical agency in supporting the operational of the project as the project will also meet youths who wish to develop themselves through computer learning.

School Pilot Overview

This cluster of schools will be in our first group of implementations using the Digital Learning Hub approach.

In the first implementation phase, we are planning two types of pilot projects: one designed for larger schools that can support their own computer lab(s). The second, more suitable for rural locations, will include a fixed building that will be shared by and meet the needs of multiple village schools. Time in this building will be scheduled and split between schools that share it, and the lab’s resources can be opened for community use when the schools are not using it.

This approach involves building a separate building that is in an equally convenient location for all schools sharing it.  It will contain a computer lab, an equipment room, a storage closet and a small office area that can be used for student counseling.

For more information on this type of pilot, see:  Digital Learning Hub – Details

A View from Around the School