Energy & Power

Our Solar Energy solution works with either the Education or Healthcare applications and is uniquely designed for the harsh environments we have seen in remote areas of Africa. It is constructed in a way that more efficiently uses the collected power and lasts longer than alternative methods, all at a lower cost per installation.

The solution is well suited for supporting Notebook computers and accompanying equipment that normally runs from battery power or is Direct Current (DC) based (such as routers, LED monitors (for wall display in classrooms) and LED lighting.
Some of the key features of this system include:

  • Reduced Costs: By eliminating Alternating Current (AC) from the system, we reduce costs, eliminate the major source of heat generation, increase efficiency and extend equipment lifetimes.
  • Easy Installation: By pre-packaging complete systems (including networking equipment, much of the solar control equipment, and notebook computers, etc.) in a lockable, rolling cart, we reduce the difficulty and cost of installation.
  • Small footprint, Big impact: By using wireless solutions with notebook computers, we eliminate the need to wire a classroom or clinic. The only cables in the complete system are between the solar panels (outside the building) and the charging stations inside the building.