School Overview

GROUPE SCOLAIRE ST Jean Bosco de HINDIRO (GS HINDIRO) is a twelve years basic education, government aided under the supervision of Catholic Church MURAMBA Parish located in Rwanda, western Province, Ngororero District, HINDIRO sector, Gatare cell and Buyungu village. It is near the main road Muhanga- RUBAVU.

The school has 4 levels such as Nursery, primary, Ordinal level ( Junior secondary school) and advanced level (senior secondary level) The school has chosen three combinations namely: HEG (History-Economics and Geography, MEG (Mathematics Economics and Geography, LFK (Literature in English, French and Kinyarwanda).

The school host 1,356 students distributed in 34 classrooms, 45 teachers and 3 staffs including Head Teacher, Deputy Head teacher in charge of studies and secretary accountant.

The vision is to provide responsible and productive citizens in the local and global communities. The mission is to respond to the labor market demand by providing, skills, knowledge, values, attitudes and competences required to all learners.

Education Pilot Overview

In Phase I of an eNeighborhood education implementation for a given country, we intend to locate a small number of schools to implement our education package.  The intent of these pilots is to:

  • Make sure we have a clear set of localizations – this step involves translations of the user interface labels and directives and making sure that any local code values are correctly mapped to a common, standard set;
  • Illustrate how the solution can effectively enhance student academic progress and;
  • Provide current cost data for running a school system with respect to local data access rates, transportation, and other logistics.

Education Pilot Facilities

This pilot will consist of hardware (computer and networking), software and support services.


  • Identity Management – if there is no national ID system in place, we have access to a product can be used to assign and manage ID numbers for students, staff, schools, assessments and any other item that requires unique identifiers.
  • Online Education – this application combines student administration and online learning optimized for delivery to remote areas where the ability to manage IT equipment is limited, landline Internet services is not available, and the cost of wireless 3G/4G is very expensive.
    • Student and class management for keeping track of students, classes, attendance, test and semester grades, etc.
    • Online teaching materials, including textbooks, Rwanda national standard instructional materials, instructional videos, and preparation for ICDL exams
    • An online library of eBooks, optimized for use in remote areas, stored locally and delivered over the local area network (no data charges incurred)


This pilot will contain two “rolling computer labs”, each of which will contain:

15 ruggedized notebook computers (HP ProBook x360 G6 or similar)

These computers are tested to US Military Grade (MIL-STD-810G) specifications for drop, shock, low/high temperature, low/high altitude, dust, humidity as well as other conditions.  This means they are meant to last for many years with simple normal maintenance (cleaning, proper storage when not in use, etc.)

Rolling laptop cart – the selected cart is made from heavy-gauge steel with high-quality parts made to last many years under daily use.

Small battery powered server (hosts local resource web site and provides storage for local student directories) (11cm x 11cm x 3cm).

These servers will hold local copies of most of teaching materials and will transmit them to student laptops over the local area network (high speed, with no data charges).

Wi-Fi range extender (up to 800 meters) – used so that the local area network can be accessed from anywhere on campus.



School Virtual Tour