Help Financially

The primary purpose of our organization is to raise money to help implement technology projects in Africa and the Middle East.  Visual Software ( is already committed to providing cloud-based software for these communities at its cost, but the hardware is still needed for these implementations.

The labor needed to perform the implementations will be done through this organization plus ministry partners in the countries we serve.




Volunteer to Help

We will be needing help in the following areas:

Digitizing library books

Where we have the rights to do so, we will need help in creating standardized, Africa-optimized electronic books.  Visual Software has provided the software, but we will need people to process the books so that we can have a rich library to make available to students.

Creating Instructional Videos

We will be looking for experts in many fields to record “how-to” videos to add to the student libraries.  These should not require that the student have access to things only found in the USA or other wealthy nations.

Note: Techniques of farming would be especially useful, especially if anyone knows how to grow rice.  Although rice is a major part of the African diet, almost all rice is imported, causing a real economic hardship.  Their land, in most places is about as rich in nutrients as would be found anywhere.

If you would like to help, let us know: