Phase I Pilots

In Phase I of an eNeighborhood education implementation, we are setting out to locate a small number of schools (2-5) to implement our education package in each of the countries in which we are working.  These pilots are intended to:

  • Make sure we have a clear set of localizations – this step involves translations of the user interface labels and directives and making sure that any local code values are correctly mapped to a common, standard set;
  • Illustrate how the solution can effectively enhance student academic progress and
  • Provide current cost data for running a school system with respect to local data access rates, transportation, and other logistics

An ideal candidate for such a pilot will:

  • Currently have little or no computer technical capabilities – typically, one of the teachers maintains any technology in his or her spare time

The Interactive Map

The map below shows where we have established pilots.  If you hover over one of the red circles, it will show the name of the project.  If you click on the red circle, you will be directed to a page with more information about the specific pilot.

    Request a Pilot

    We may be taking applications for pilot implementations at your school or country.  Those who make requests should have the authority to make decisions for their schools.  If you would like consideration, press the button below and fill out the short form and we will get back to you shortly.