Robert C. Hutchison – Resume

9 Columbine Circle, Newtown, PA (home) | (215) 272-5231 (cell) |
532 Durham Rd., Suite 200, Newtown PA 18940 (work)

Corporate Experience


Robert Hutchison is the founder and President of Visual Software, Inc. Visual Software, founded in 1994 and located in historic Newtown, Pennsylvania is a leading provider system interoperability products.

He was the initial designer of its interoperability products which enable schools, school systems, state departments of education and software suppliers to rapidly implement highly-scalable and reliable infrastructures without the ongoing worry of maintaining standards compliance and complex code interface maintenance and the synchronization between the two.

Over the past several years, Visual Software has been providing software and technical support to dozens of makers of educational software and educational organizations at the national, state and school district level in the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Australia, including the US States of Massachusetts, Washington, all of the Australian states with the exception of Western Australia, the UK cities of London, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Cardiff, Swansea, Cambridge and the country of Australia.

Before developing its interoperability product line, Visual Software developed advanced mathematical modeling software used by actuarial teams for providing services to Fortune 50 clients such as Disney, AON, Towers/Tillinghast and others. The project for Disney involved the creation of a 14-dimension mathematical model that allowed them to predict operating costs for all their entertainment properties. In the first year following this implementation, actual costs were within .001% of the predicted estimate (1.0% second year, 1.5% third year).


Worked with multiple organizations developing OS-level, security and application-level software for network-based systems.

Taught programming, database development and Operating Systems internals courses nationally and internationally to commercial audiences and to university staff members and provided public training as a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Taught advanced security concepts to organizations such as The NY and American Stock Exchanges, several large wall street banks and a US Intelligence Agency. Taught them how to administer their UNIX systems to protect security entry points that could be exploited by hackers.

Wrote the preliminary draft for a wireless messaging protocol that is commonly used in most smart phones today.

Developed statistical modeling software used in developing marketing campaigns by several Fortune 50 clients worldwide.


Operating System Software Developer, UNIX® Operating System Department, Networking Group. Developed device drivers for the official UNIX distribution and was part of the three-person working group that determined interface specifications between the ISO networking layers.

Instructor – Taught UNIX System Internals, Principles of Software Development, Computer Security


  • Programming Using the C Language – a Data Structures / Algorithms University-Level Textbook / McGraw-Hill, New York, New York, Member of the McGraw Hill Computer Science Series
  • Overview of UNIX System Internals – internal Bell Laboratories publication (550 pages (approx.))
  • A Detailed Look at UNIX System Internals – internal Bell Laboratories publication (830 pages (approx.))


  • MBA – IT Management, 1985, Fairleigh Dickenson University
  • BA – Mathematics, 1979, Rutgers University

Other Volunteer Activities

  • Rutgers University: Career Counsellor (once monthly during the school year), speak at STEM-related events
  • Bucks County Community College: Member of the Board of Advisors, Computer Science Department

More about Visual Software


Visual Software, makes, sells and supports software products that connect applications and distribute information. Specifically, we’ve been implementing several solutions in the past several years for education and deploying them worldwide. Most of these products are administrative in nature and do things like implement state reporting that allows State Departments of Education to collect data from districts and provide them back funding in exchange. The rates of data collection in one of these systems using our software is about the same as the SWIFT system (the system that handles all electronic bank transfers worldwide) – so this software is built for large amounts of data.

One of our products, combined with other freely available software applications can be used to keep track of students and distribute back to them learning materials based on their level of education and needs. This has already been used in the Australian ( Tri-Border Attendance Strategy) for the indigenous (aboriginal) population with great success.

Besides its interoperability products, Visual Software offers applications for Education and Health Care that are highly configurable, have been optimized for use in rural settings and are fully interoperable with other VSI products as well as those made by others with a standardized interface.