Welcome to the eNeighborhood Project

Our mission is to help those in under-served communities through sustainable technology for education and healthcare.


Help us bring modern, online learning to under-served, urban and remote places in Africa.

This will ensure that every student will have the ability to learn any subject, regardless of their school’s ability to retain a teacher for that subject.

Additionally, this program brings an online library to every student and school management capabilities for school staff.


Medical centers in remote areas of Africa seldom have any access to computer technology that would allow them to maintain (and share) medical records electronically.

Basic systems technology and the ability to share medical records would not only save money but would also save lives.

Digital Learning Hub

In larger schools, our recommendation is to provide a portable computer lab that can move between classrooms using a rolling cart and all wireless communications.

In smaller communities, we are offering the possibility of  supporting a community-based Digital Learning Hub that can be shared by more than one school and the community as well after hours.

Interoperability / Digitization

Interoperability is the connection of disparate computer systems, done so that they can securely share information in real-time.

We provide a flexible, configurable platform that adapts existing applications to participate in an interconnected zone and a message switch that governs the data transmission.

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More Information

Other information about who we are and what we do


We have several projects in-process and planned on the African continent, both in the areas of education and healthcare.  For more information, press the button below.

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Sustainability in an implementation, in a very general sense, means that items that are deployed to help a community are capable of being maintained in the future by members from that community, without requiring that the initial implementer remain involved forever.  For more information on this and our plan for sustainability, press the button below.

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Many projects like these have difficulty progressing from pilot implementations to large-scale implementations.  Instead of incrementally growing small scale technology by adding locations, we designed for very large implementations (tens of thousands of locations) from the beginning.  To learn more, press the button below.

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To ensure that solutions we provide meet the needs of the communities we serve, we have spent considerable time visiting those locations, speaking with potential users and working with government officials in those countries.  To learn more, press the button below.

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Solar Energy

Many of the communities where we will work either do not have electricity or have an inadequate supply.  Our solutions do not need much power, but some is required to recharge notebook computers, run networking equipment.  We have a designed an unusual solar energy solution that requires little to no maintenance for years, extends equipment lifetime and is priced more affordably than commonly used systems.  To learn more, press the button below.

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Aligned to the UN SDG

As defined by the UN, “The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.”

Our organization has intentionally taken these goals into consideration as we planned our offerings, so that we could end up being well-aligned with them.  We do not align with all the UN’s 17 goals, but we do align closely with nine of them.

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About Us

We have assembled a team of experienced professionals to ensure that implementations deploy smoothly and make sure that this organization is run to the highest ethical standards.  To learn more, please press the button below.

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